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Our Search Marketing services are tailored to boost brand awareness and targeted visitors. Professional SEO tactics, PPC advertising campaigns, keyword research, competitive analysis, content optimisation, and analytics reporting are part of our entire strategy. We personalise our services to your business goals with a team of experienced specialists, giving you a competitive edge in the evolving digital landscape. Receive clear communication, measurable results, and a commitment to brand success.

In our International Branding Service, we create a strong global presence for your business. Our holistic strategy includes strategic brand positioning, multilingual messaging, and visually appealing identity development to ensure brand resonance across cultures and markets. Expert advice on market entry and integrated worldwide campaigns using digital and traditional media are provided. To retain a global presence, our team prioritises cultural awareness and brand adaptability. Our International Branding Services offer unique tactics, demonstrable results, and a collaborative path to make your brand a global leader.

Our Web Design Service combines artistry and functionality for a smooth online experience. Our talented designers create gorgeous, user-friendly websites that engage and convert visitors. From straightforward navigation to responsive design, we prioritise user experience to optimise your website across devices. We provide strategic planning, custom design, and robust development to create a brand-specific digital presence. We use inventive design, painstaking attention to detail, and the latest industry standards to make your website stand out in the digital world, whether you're starting from scratch or updating an existing one.

Our Social Media Enhancement Service redefines and improves your online presence. Our experts use creativity and analytics to create compelling social media campaigns that engage and grow your audience across platforms. We optimize your social media presence from content generation and curation to targeted promotions. To help your brand thrive in the ever-changing social media world, we offer profile development, audience analysis, and performance tracking. Our Social Media Enhancement Service unlocks your online identity's full potential, whether you want to increase brand visibility, conversions, or meaningful connections.

Interactive Entertainment SEM

Interactive Entertainment SEM

Interactive Entertainment The dynamic interactive entertainment business requires specialised marketing methods like SEM (Search Engine Marketing). Interactive entertainment content, platforms, and items are promoted using search engine advertising. Keyword optimisation, compelling ads, and campaign performance analysis are vital to professional interactive entertainment SEM. By improving these elements, the goal is to attract and engage professional fans and dominate the ever-changing digital entertainment landscape.

  • Plan and execute paid promotional efforts on Google, Baidu, Toutiao, 360, and Sogou for professional WAP mobile apps. Use information flow marketing platforms like Tencent, Toutiao, Baidu, Facebook, and Twitter. Use a methodical approach to monitor and optimise SEM promotion efforts to improve advertising performance.

  • Manage and maintain bidding ranking accounts. Regularly adjust account settings based on industry trends and dynamics. Optimize various keyword qualities, closely track daily consumption traffic, and ensure keyword relevance to the gaming industry, customer interests, and presentation formats.

  • Conduct real-time monitoring of advertising performance and make timely adjustments to campaigns based on competitive insights from various search engines.

  • Track and analyze the relevance and quality of incoming traffic. Generate detailed data reports at different project stages and propose comprehensive optimization strategies for ongoing campaigns.

  • Analyze market trends and competitors' advertising strategies, especially in the context of information flow advertising. Implement effective optimizations based on the findings to enhance campaign performance.

  • Assume responsibility for the day-to-day management of SEM accounts on various official websites and platforms. Continuously seek opportunities to expand and enhance SEM traffic and overall campaign performance.

  • Perform in-depth data analysis for SEM projects, proactively identifying and addressing any issues or challenges within the campaigns.

Job Requirements :

  • Possess approximately 2 years of relevant industry experience, demonstrating proficiency in search engine and information flow advertising business operations and backend management. Familiarity with relevant supporting software is essential.

  • Exhibit comprehensive knowledge of SEM theory and practical expertise. This includes skills in account setup, structural optimization, promotion cost control, and techniques for improving keyword quality.

  • Show proficiency in managing keyword advertising models across various search engines, particularly Chinese search engines, with practical experience in campaign execution.

  • Be familiar with advertising placements on platforms like Baidu Information Flow, Toutiao Information Flow, and Tencent Information Flow. Demonstrate expertise in managing information flow advertising platforms.

  • Possess a high degree of sensitivity to changes in data and exhibit an active, analytical mindset. Strong teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills are essential attributes for this role.

Please send your resume to if you are interested in applying for the position.

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